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Item#: GPE2573m
Price:  $15.00
Size: 3 inch Dangle

1 available

Earrings are Made with Medium Guitar Picks
Enhanced with a High Quality, Permanent
Vinyl Decal and Finished with a Dip in
Polyurethane Gloss to Give them Shine and
Durability. Each Earring has a 5x7mm Glass
Bead on Silver Plated Chain with a Surgical
Steel Earhook and Silver-Plated Findings.
They Dangle 3" Long.

The Hubble unveils the colorful Star Cluster
NGC 2074 which is a firestorm of raw stellar
creation, perhaps triggered by a nearby
supernova explosion. It lies about 170,000
light-years away and is one of the most active
star-forming regions in our local group of
galaxies. NASA Website
Star Cluster NGC 2074
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